Blackfoot student leaders receive empowerment training

A group of Blackfoot High School students volunteered to attend the first "Empower Me" conference that has already begun to play a role in making each and every one of the students a better leader.
"This conference helps empower teenagers and students alike to be leaders in not only their lives, but also their school, and hopefully the world," said teacher Holly Kartchner.
The "Empower Me" lasted th
The students were mixed in with a few other Idaho groups and together they received three-and-a-half days of pure leadership empowerment.
"During one of the activities we were asked to write down our visions on how we can change our school, and we were required to go around and compliment on each other's vision. It was really nice to see other people having the same ideas; it made it seem like it was possible to make it happen," said Justina Campbell.
A few of the bonding activities the students did included rafting, going through a rope course, taking a self defense class, listening to keynote speakers, a dance, and meeting some of the Boise State University (BSU) football players.
A few comments from the students included:
"When we first came together to go to this conference - we weren't exactly the closest group, but going through some of the activities actually brought not only us, but also the leadership community of Idaho together," said Erick Wood.
"Anything is possible, the camp just made it more visionary," said O'Shann Williams.
"The reason I ran for president, and the things I wanted to change in our school, I learned that together we can make it happen, and it'll be fun for the rest of the school to get involved," said Halle Phillips.
"It made all of our leaders at BHS come together, and have a common goal," said Caden Preece.
"It was one of the most amazing transformations with relationships with different schools; it was beautiful," said Katrina Vogt.
According to both the students and Karchner, this conference was a success and sent the message that anything is possible, and that it starts with one individual to make a difference.