Blackfoot still grappling with broken sewer line

City crews are still grappling to repair a sewer line on Frontage Road in Blackfoot that collapsed Monday morning flooding the basement of seven homes on Riverton Road with sewage water. Workers originally thought the repair would only take 12-24 hours. Now, they are hoping that all will go well and that they can complete the repair by Thursday evening.
"There are 100 things that could've gone right while making this repair and nothing did," said an exasperated Fred Davies, Public Works Director for the City of Blackfoot.
The crews have drained a 13-foot man hole and have been able to expose the damaged pipe so that they can proceed with the repair.
Davies praised all of the city crews for their hard work and the long hours they have put into the job.
"The waste water department, the street department, the office staff...all the crews...everyone, has been great in their efforts to get this fixed," he stated.
Davies also thanked the public for their encouragement and willingness to help cut back on water usage throughout this crisis. He asks that those in the Blackfoot, Moreland and Groveland area continue to use good judgement on the water they are dumping into the sewage system until repairs to the line are finished.
"Everyone cutting back a little, really helps a lot," he said.
The city's insurance adjusters are still working with the homeowners whose homes were flooded. It will likely be another week before a damage estimate is determined.