Blackfoot Sergeant returns from Afghanistan

POCATELLO — The excitement of family and friends of Idaho Army National Guard Sgt. Glen Morgan of Blackfoot was palpable as they waited for the private military C-12 cargo plane to touch down at the Pocatello Av Center Sunday morning, bringing him home after a 9 month deployment to Afghanistan with 1-168 General Support Aviation Battalion in support of "Operation Enduring Freedom."
Morgan's three children Lovisa (15), Shakayla (12) and J.T. (7) were bouncing with excitement to catch the first glimpse of their father as Morgan's wife, Joyce; his father Cal Morgan; in-laws (Christine and Robert Nelson) his best friend from high school Rodney Love and others, chatted about Morgan and his service to his country.
Morgan, a 1987 graduate of Snake River High School, joined the U.S. Marines right out of high school, serving for 4 years - followed by 4 years in the National Guard. He stepped out of the military for 11 years, re-enlisting in 2006. This is Morgan's second deployment; he served in Kuwait in 2007-08.
Friends say they were more worried about his [Morgan's] safety while he was in Afghanistan than when he was in Kuwait. "Things are a lot different over there now," said longtime buddy [Rodney] Love. "We are happy to have him back safe."
Morgan can't talk too much about what he did while he was away, except to say that "he was over a Black Hawk helicopter crew transporting 'people and things.' "
"He loves helicopters and guns," laughed his wife Joyce as she hugged her husband.
While nothing is for sure, Morgan said he does not expect to get deployed again and that he plans to retire from the military. "The government is really cutting back on a lot of things; they're getting rid of the FOBS [Forward Operating Bases] and turning them back over to the Afghanistan government," he said.
In the meantime, Morgan said he is just happy to be home and is looking forward to relaxing and spending time with this family, reintegrating back into civilian life and working on his home in the Groveland area.
When he is not serving in the military Morgan works for Intermountain Gas Co. in Pocatello.