Blackfoot school board discusses goals

Blackfoot Trustee Sonya Harris asks questions during the school board meeting on Thursday.
Staff Writer

The role of Blackfoot school board members in the school budget process was a major topic of discussion at the school board meeting last month.
Trustee Sonya Harris brought up the topic of the role of trustees in the school budget process.
"I was invited to speak with the auditors on Wednesday, July 25," Harris said. "They are very thorough in the process and I was satisfied by their thoroughness."
"I think we need to look closely at data to make decision, not to look into the nitty-gritty but to be aware of the data in order to make decisions," she said.
Board chair Mary Jo Marlow said, "I think this has a lot to do with goals, not funding. We (trustees) have the responsibility to set goals; to use the data to set direction; it is the superintendent's responsibility to find the money to pay for those goals."
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