Blackfoot road construction delays

A road closed sign blocking Parsons Street in Blackfoot. Parsons has been sitting without pavement for several weeks while waiting for the soft spots under the ballast layer to cure.
Catie Clark

Construction to repave roads in Blackfoot has hit delays to weather and ground conditions. An additional street, Mitchell Road, has been added to the repaving project.
"The work crews uncovered several soft spots under the road ballast on Wildrose Lane and Parsons Street," public works director Richard Mangum said. "Unfortunately, there are always some soft spots. Soft spots are why roads fail. Either the road ballast was insufficient or moisture got in and undermined the soil underneath.""One of the best things you can do for soft spots is to let them bake and cure. The spots must sit so they heal themselves," Mangum explained. "So what you need is a spell with no rain, which we have had for the last few weeks. The problem there is that the folks who live on those street don't understand that we're waiting for the soft spots to cure before we can put down more pit gravel. All they see is no one working on their street."
"The workers should be done putting down new ballast and paving before the fair."
Mangum commented that Mitchell Road in front of Mountain View Middle School has been added to the road repaving project.
"We'll be repaving between the bend and the genealogy library," Mangum said, referring to the Family History Center. "Mitchell should be finished before school starts."
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