Blackfoot resident heads to Haiti to help rebuild country

BLACKFOOT — Blackfoot resident Beverly Beach is passionate about helping people rebuild Haiti.
She needs some financial help to participate in the contest, "Building Back a Better Community" (BBBC). This contest started in 2010 and is sponsored by the government of Haiti.
Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake in January 2010.
Beach is leaving for Haiti Monday where she will present her project to the Haitian government. She plans to be gone one month.
At the end of January, Beach was in Jamaica for three weeks, meeting with various officials to explain her project. In Haiti, Beach has met with a U.N. representative and the ambassador from Jamaica.
Beach reported after hearing about her project, the Jamaican ambassador said, "This is exactly what CARICOME has wanted." CARICOME is a Caribbean Alliance.
Fourteen teams (individuals and their companies), including Beach and her company, Architectural Hotwire Foam & Stoneworks, have joined together in this project called, "To Build a Village."
These 14 teams propose to build a village—the buildings, the infrastructure, the parks and open spaces and more. The proposed village wold cover 300-acres in an area south of Port-au-Prince, the capital of the nation.
"We are working very strongly with an United Nations representative to design and develop the region south of Port-au-Prince," Beach said.
The building material is styrofoam. Concrete is put over the styrofoam to make buildings.
"The buildings can be built quickly; people can be trained to build them and they can withstand earthquakes and hurricanes," Beach said.
"It has an insulation factor of R-45," Beach said. "By comparison, most houses in Blackfoot have an R factor (insulation factor) of R-15.
A process has been developed to take garbage off the streets and make it into styrofoam building material, Beach said.
In Beach's proposal, each home would have three rooms—a gathering room/kitchen, sleeping room and toilet room. The outdoor area has an insulated roof and raised flooring to prevent water and mud from entering the house.
"Idaho will benefit if I get the contract because materials for the homes will be produced in Blackfoot," Beach said. "I hope to set a standard in the rebuilding process."
There's more to it than just building, Beach said. There's community organization, developing a cost effective way to cook, provide a living—jobs, teaching people to grow their own food, develop clean water and provide disaster medication.
"I want to go in and justhelp the Haitian people," Beach said.
"One dollar from every person in Blackfoot would really help me with my expenses," Beach said.
People can contribute online at her website
She is also selling My Healthy and Clean Solutions that are cleaning products and a hand sanitizer that sanitizes a person's hands for 24-hours. Both of these products can be purchased at Elmer's Imports, 223 NW Main St., Blackfoot, or online at