Blackfoot P&Z covers ground on zoning

Sticky notes covered the zoning and projected land use maps as the Blackfoot Planning and Zoning Commission make notes on potential revisions to the maps at their Thursday evening work meeting.
Catie Clark

The City of Blackfoot Planning and Zoning (P&Z) Commission held a work meeting on Thursday evening where the revision of the city's zoning, zoning map and preferred uses map was the major topic. The commissioners also addressed issues affecting the city's housing crunch. The adoption of land use codes was also briefly considered.
A fourth topic was on the agenda but not discussed. That topic was a design standard for signage and commercial buildings in the central business district. Since it was a work meeting that ran late, this topic will be discussed at a later date.
The city wants to revise the zoning and preferred usage maps for the entire city. Since these documents control all land use in Blackfoot, the revision can have large consequences for future planning and the public's input is necessary and desired.
P&Z considered holding four different hearings, one for each quarter of the city. Because attendance at city meetings drops during the summer, the commissioners approved a motion to hold hearing once the Eastern Idaho State Fair is over. They also discussed other ways to get the proposed zoning revisions in front of the public's eye to maximize citizen input.
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