Blackfoot parks sporting new equipment

Some of the dog exercise and agility equipment has now been installed at the city's dog park by the airport. The solar-powered light has been ordered but has not yet arrived.Blackfoot's new climbing wall and gym equipment, now installed on the north end of Airport Park by the ball fields.
Catie Clark

A climbing wall and gym has been installed at the north end of Airport Park off of Teeples Drive. It is rated as appropriate for ages seven and up.
"We've been installing it over the last month," Scott Hays said. Hays is the department head for Blackfoot's Park and Recreation department.
Another new arrival is the dog exercise and agility equipment at the city's dog park, on the south end of Airport Park, just off the driveway into the airport.
There are now two sets of three agility fixtures, one set on each side of the dog park—one for large dogs and one for small dogs.
Each set includes a platform with stairs, an inclined ramp and a jump with an adjustable bar. The two sets are appropriately sized for large or small canines.
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