Blackfoot Movie Mill opens

Rachael Pierson is ready for a movie on opening night at the Movie Mill in Blackfoot. She and her family were attending the opening night of the new version of 'The Grinch.' 'Venom' can also be seen.
Staff Writer

The long-awaited Blackfoot Movie Mill is open. Four theaters opened on Friday. Opening night in all theaters for the new version of "The Grinch" was Friday. The movie, "Venom" was also available for your viewing pleasure.
"Today was a whirlwind," owner Kent Lott said. "We were hanging masking in theater number four 30 minutes before we opened."
He continued, "Everyone loved the presentation. People were so complimentary. One kid threw up in the bathroom so even the place was christened in style. That's the movie business.
"At the Greater Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce, we (the Movie Mill) was named one of the three Businesses of the Year," Lott said. "It was great. We want to thank everyone."
To read the full story, see it in the Saturday, Nov. 10, edition of the Morning News.