Blackfoot mayoral race headed to runoff

Election night featured close elections and some surprises.
Paper ballots were used in the 10 elections across the county.
Blackfoot will have a runoff election in the mayoral race.
Votes totals in the Blackfoot race are:
° Paul Loomis—667 votes at 39.282 percent
° Dan Cravens—452 votes at 26.62 percent
° Rick Bigler—251 votes at 14.782 percent
° Carlos Mercado—171 votes at 10.071 percent
° Carlos Martinez—90 votes at 5.3 percent
° John Hoobler—65 votes at 3.838 percent
In the Blackfoot mayoral race, the winning candidate must garner 50 percent plus 1 vote. A runoff election will take place at the beginning of December between the two leading contenders—Paul Loomis and Dan Cravens.
In the Blackfoot council seat 1 race, Chris Jensen pulled out a close race against Andy Hasselbring and Kenneth Ashcraft. Jensen gained 778 votes; Hasselbring 736 and Ashcraft 180.
The men and woman running for Blackfoot council seats 2, 3 and 4 were unopposed.
Layne "Skip" Gardner (seat 2) had 1,540 votes. Bart Brown (seat 3) had 1,517 votes. Jan Simpson (seat 4) had 1,523 votes.
The bond for the Groveland Cemetery District was approved by voters 143 in favor of; 49 against.
The levy for the North Bingham County District Library went down to defeat. The votes totals were 922 in favor of and 1,251 against.
The mayor's office and two council positions were up for election in the city of Shelley.
Voting totals are:
Mayor—Stacy Pascoe (a current city council member) garnered 555 votes. Terry Johnson gained 292 votes.
It was a tight race for Shelley council seat 1. Earl Beattie had 425 votes to Heather Goodworth's 407 votes.
It was a four-way race for Shelley council seat 4. Kim Westergard earned 317 votes. Alan Dial had 269 votes. Sid Page had 225 votes and Sean Crystal had 22 votes.
Incumbents were retained in the Shelley Firth Fire District. In Zone 1 Scott Searle garnered 1,363 votes to 709 votes for Michael Balmforth. In Zone 2, Norman Mecham had1,079 votes to 877 votes for John Russell.
The only contested race in city of Firth was for mayor. Incumbent mayor Vincent Winn Larson garner 62 votes. Marlene Rogers had 18 votes; John Collet had 16 votes.
Councilmen Brandon Jolley and Drew Park were unopposed. Jolley gained 77 votes; Park had 81 votes.
Council members ran unopposed in Aberdeen. Votes totals were:
Karalee Krehbiel-Bonzon—64; Mary Leisy—64; Brian Laawrence Schneider—69.
In Atomic City, the mayor and each council member had 15 votes. Mayor Kelli Isaacs was reelected mayor. Connie Smith and Dieter Nippert were reelected as council members.
In Basalt, Kay Kremin and Kimberly Lockyer were reelected to the council. Kremin garnered 49 votes; Lockyer had 40 votes.
Precinct information is available on the county's website at Go down to Elections and click on "vote."