Blackfoot High pow wow will wow

Brook Watson is the president of Blackfoot High School's Indian Education Club. He is the person behind bringing the top-ten drumming group Bull Horn to the high school's pow wow from Canada.
Catie Clark

The Blackfoot School District will be hosting two different events related to Native American educations. The first is the Blackfoot High School pow wow, hosted by the Indian Education Club on the weekend of May 4-5. The second is the annual Indian Education public hearing and awards ceremony on May 9.
At the Blackfoot School Board meeting on April 19 in Fort Hall, Blackfoot High School's Native American culture teacher, Merle Smith, and the Indian Education Club president Brook Watson presented the plans for this year's pow wow to the Board and invited them and the public attend.
"This is the largest high school or collegiate pow wow in the area," said Smith in a follow-up interview. "There will be a couple hundred dancers."
""I hope the entire Blackfoot community will come and join with us in attending the the Indian Education Club pow wow," said Mary Jo Marlow, Chairman of the Board.
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