Blackfoot High grad spray painting his way to fame

Blackfoot artist Matt Sorensen has made his living from Spray Paint Art for several years. Sorensen calls it "Rattle Can Art."
"I started spray paint art about 15 years ago after I watched a spray paint artist in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where my family and I were vacationing," Sorensen said. "I came home and started experimenting.
"Jared Van Orden was instrumental in setting me up to paint. He gave me a place to go to paint.
"Now I make my living from painting," he said. "I get paid as an entertainer."
Sorensen spray paints murals, like the 120-foot mural he painted in Utah, or, if preferred, he can capture the likeness of a person's dog, cat, horse and ninja.
Sorensen uses regular spray can paint with regular nozzles.
"I don't use any special tips," he said.
When starting his paintings, he fires the poster board. There are several reasons for this, he said.
"First, I use fire for the entertainment value of it, to draw a crowd.
"Second, I can't paint fast without getting the paint dry. Fire dries the pictures fast.
"Third, I use the burn marks as stardust.
"Fourth, fire blends the paint and flattens the layers of paint so they become one layer.
"Fifth, I'm a myth buster. There is no oxygen inside a spray can paint so it will not burn."
"There's nothing I can't paint," Sorensen said.
"What's unique about my artwork is I can not only customize a painting for a person but he can also watch the work be completed as I work," he said. "I'm the only spray paint artist that's commercial."
For the past three years, he has attended the International Association for Fairs and Events (IAFE) Convention.
"That's where event coordinators go to line up acts," Sorensen said. There are several IAFE Convention around the country.
Last summer, Sorensen entertained at 32 separate events. He hopes to entertain at 40 events this year. His aim is to entertain at the Eastern Idaho State Fair.
To advertise his artwork, Sorensen uses Facebook and YouTube. His work can also be seen at