Blackfoot Charter celebrates recycling

Students at the Blackfoot Charter Community Learning Center (BCCLC) brought in enough material in two and one-half months to save a tree. The celebration to recognize this achievement took place Thursday afternoon.
It's estimated it takes 1,000 pounds of recycled material to save one tree, said teacher Katrina Elliott. In 10 weeks, students at Blackfoot Charter School contributed over 1,000 pounds of material to recycle.
"We wanted to do a service project when we were studying about community," she said. Teachers Elliott and Amy Ogden headed up this project.
So what did the students learn?
One student said, "Teamwork made for better results."
"We need trees because they are good for us," said another student.
Third graders in Lisa Thomas and Nicki Fischer's classes made instruments from their own recycled "stuff."
"They are pretty creative," said Thomas.
Keyboards, a violin, drums sets, maracas, guitars and ukeleles were some of the instruments on display. Recycled items such as milk jugs, rolled paper, boxes, cans, pop bottles and rubber bands were used to build these instruments.
Administrator Fred Ball thanked the students for participating in this project.
"Use what you have, don't waste and clean up after ourselves," was Ball's advice to his students.