Bingham, Caribou deputies promote boating safety

BLACKFOOT — Bingham County Deputy Drew Lusk and a few of his friends got together at Jensen Grove Lake on Saturday. Their purpose was to raise awareness of water safety through the Ready-Set-Inflate program. Safe Boating Week runs through Friday, just ahead of the Memorial Day weekend. It is one of the first opportunities many Americans take to get on the water.
The officers all donned inflatable life jackets and, on the count of three, activated the devices. Once inflated, the devices provide their wearers with the buoyancy needed to keep a person afloat following an accident on the water.
"Our job is the safety of the boaters," Lusk said of Bingham County's five marine officers. "We did this to bring the ease of use to people's attention. I've been a marine officer for 25 years and I'm tired of diving for bodies."
Lusk noted that there were 13 boating accident fatalities last year, including four on American Falls Reservoir.
"These life jackets are comfortable to wear and are easily inflatable," Lusk said. "We want the public to recognize that."
Joining Lusk in the demonstration were fellow Bingham County officers Brennon Jones, Robert Sobieski and Shawn Humpherys, Kip Rahmig and Tyler Draney of the Caribou County Sheriff's Office and Ed Lyon of the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation.