BHS fundraiser a huge success

BLACKFOOT — Blackfoot High School students and community members from Blackfoot came out in force at noon on Friday to support We the People. The lines were long, the weather was beautiful and the food was delicious.
Over 250 people were served Friday.
The event was so very successful, the same event will take place next Friday, said Holly Kartchner, We the People advisor. The difference is people will get a bottle of water rather than soda pop.
"Wow, what a fantastic turn out," said Kartchner. "We could have served more people but we ran out of chicken which is a testament to how wonderful this community and our school is to support this program.
Don and Jenny Hong of the Teriyaki Express volunteered this chicken teriyaki bowl feed to raise money for We the People.
"We normally only do this at the fair but we are happy to help out We the People," Don Hong said. Hong is an engineer by trade.
This "We the People" fundraiser is the first of its kind. The Hongs said they hope to sponsor a similar fundraiser in the spring.
Brandi Bird, a We the People student said "We really work hard to raise funds. We would never make this much money by bringing in food to [teacher Holly] Kartchner's room.
"We are grateful to the Hongs for doing this," said Bird.
"It's awesome," said Kohl Bingham who is in We the People. "The [Hongs] are coming out and doing this on their own time.
"We the People is just a great class," Bingham said. "Everything we do [in We the People] helps us be better students and know the Constitution."
Miranda Day said, "It's really great that we have people in the community that help support this."
"I think it's fantastic," said Alice Cannon. "We couldn't do it without support of the community.
"The Hongs have donated everything to us kids.
"We the People will change the rest of our lives because we understand the Constitution," said Cannon.
The next chicken teriyaki bowl feed is scheduled from noon to 1 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 19. Each bowl costs $5. All proceeds go to We the People.