BHS changes driver's education

BLACKFOOT — Driver Education will no longer be offered as a class at Blackfoot High School, but students will still have the opportunity to take the course before school or during the summer.
Dan Hale will no longer be teaching Driver Education as a class and incoming freshmen can take five classes in addition to Driver Education, which will be offered before school each block. Gerald Humpherys, who also taught Driver Ed, is retiring.
BHS will offer its first ever summer Driver Ed program. Beginning July 11, those students who have a driver's permit can take a six-week Driver Ed course. Hale will teach the class each weekday from 7-9 p.m. to accommodate work and family schedules.
During the school year Driver Ed will be taught before school from 7-8:15 a.m. Students must purchase a permit before the first day of class, which will be Aug. 24. Classes will run for six weeks. Driver Ed will be offered each block.
For students who had pre-enrolled for Driver Education when it was offered as a regular class will have that class replaced with one of the electives each student chose. Schedules may be picked up at regular registration times in August.
Driver Ed classes cost $84 and students who pass will earn a high school credit.
Prospective students for the summer program may call the school at 785-8810, Dan Hale at 785-6517 or Tom Harrington at 317-5509.