Attorneys clarify Crane's position

Attorneys for Dr. Scott Crane, the former superintendent of Blackfoot School District #55, have released a press release to clarify certain statements that were made in court and to the press by District 55 agents.
Oral hearings in the case of Joyce Bingham v. Blackfoot School District took place Friday, Nov. 30. One of the points of discussion regarded an affidavit filed by Blackfoot School District Interim Superintendent Chad Struhs.
The affidavit stated, "I contacted Dr. Crane and urged him to allow the District to release the requested agreement [but] Dr. Crane declined to do so."
The press release states:
"During Dr. Crane's employment with District 55, he signed documents which contain non-disclosure and/or confidentiality clauses. He was and is bound by those documents not to release any information they contain.
"He cannot discuss these documents with anyone, including his own family, without violating the terms of the documents.
"To agree to their release would abrogate the non-disclosure/confidentiality clauses of the documents."
Crane's attorneys are Bryce Lloyd and Justin Oleson of Blaser, Sorensen and Oleson Law Office in Blackfoot.