Are you watching your surroundings? A Word from Blackfoot Transportation Department.

Alexa Molligo
Staff Writer

BLACKFOOT—As summer winds to an end and school bells and buses begin to make their yearly appearances, Transportation Director for the Blackfoot School District No. 55, Melissa Nichols, has a few words of advice for motorists in the community.
"After a few months out of school and the decrease in traffic, people have a tendency to forget that school is soon approaching. With the start of school comes an increase of foot traffic, bicycles, automobiles and school buses.
Everyone has somewhere to be in the mornings but it is so important to be safe and to watch for our children and buses. There are a few ways you can help us keep our children safe as they get on and off the bus to go to school; even if you don’t have children there are precautions you can take to help.
As our community is headed to work our black-and –yellows are already busy, picking up our children, our future.
Blackfoot School District transports approximately 2,900 students to and from school every day, traveling an average of 2,000 miles. As our students wait for the school bus it is so important for the motorists to remember they are not the only ones on the roadways early in the mornings.
Safety Tips For Drivers – in neighborhoods, near schools and at bus stops, driver need to take special care because children do not behave like adults while in traffic.
Children become easily distracted and may dart across the street without warning. They don’t understand the danger of moving vehicles, can’t judge vehicle speed or distance and may be blocked from view by the bus. Drivers need to take precautions when backing out of the driveways, watch for children who are walking to school or the bus stop, watch for children congregating near bus stops. Children have one thing on their minds and that is to get to the bus stop or to their school, not the car and driver headed to work.
To read the entire article please see the Friday edition of the Blackfoot Morning News.