American Legion retires flags

American Legion Post 23 performed the Flag Day rite of "dignified disposal" of 180 American flags. The flags were all at the end of their useful lives and were burned to ash in a respectful ceremony by legionnaires helped by boy scouts.
Catie Clark

American Legion Post 23 in Blackfoot performed the disposal of 180 used American flags on Flag Day. The destruction of the flags by fire was conducted with all the appropriate etiquette to honor the service that these flags have performed in Blackfoot and Bingham County.
"All of the flags are at the end of their lives," said legion member Harry Nash, one of the organizers of the event. "They are now faded, tattered and torn, but they are still the symbol of our country. Most of them came from the City of Blackfoot and Bingham County, but we also accept flags from anyone who needs to retire one."
"We're the experts on flag etiquette," Nash added, "and we know how to properly dispose of used flags with the dignity they deserve."
It is improper and disrespectful to dump a used flag or throw it in the garbage. For this reason, the American Legion will accept used flags from all parties and dispose of them with honor and ceremony.
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