Ahlquist visits Blackfoot

Gubernatorial candidate Tommy Ahlquist was in Blackfoot on Wednesday on his '133 towns in 11 days' tour.
Staff Writer

Gubernatorial candidate was in Blackfoot on Wednesday as part of his 133 towns in 11 day tour. Ninety percent of the state's budget goes to corrections, health care and infrastructure, he said. Speaking about education, Ahlquist said, 'Teachers can receive $12,000-$18,000 more pay in states around us. Teachers are also over regulated. Read Idaho Code, Section 33, to discover the state regulations on teachers. There are too many regulations; we need to pull back the regulations and get out of the way and let thyme teach. It was surprising to discover we feel we are a disjointed state. There is northern Idaho, Ada County, Magic Valley, Eastern Idaho and rural Idaho.' Travis, a campaign strategist said, 'According to the phone bank that was surveyed on Tuesday night, 25 percent of Idahoans have not yet decided for whom to vote. People vote for a candidate recommended by someone they trust.'