Accused cattle rustlers arrested

Valentin LopezAnselmo Lopez
Staff Writer

On April 7, 2016, the Bingham County/Blackfoot detectives division was asked to assist the State Brand Inspectors on an investigation of stolen cattle, reported Bingham County Sheriff Craig Rowland.
The State Brand inspectors had found some stolen cattle and wanted assistance with doing interviews on the suspects to see if more cattle were stolen. During the investigation it was learned that 16 head of cattle were stolen from Chris Drakos from Blackfoot.
Anselmo Lopez, age 40, and Valentin Lopez, age 44, both of Blackfoot were arrested on April 9, 2016, for theft of livestock and were placed in jail.
The value of the livestock that was stolen is $19,200 dollars.
The detectives division was assisted in this investigation by the State Brand Inspectors from the Idaho Falls office.