Accident a reminder to use care around motorcycles

It's spring and many a fancy turns to riding motorcycles.
Kathy Autry was driving out of the Taco Time parking lot on Tuesday evening when she broadsided a motorcycle driven by Jesse Salas. Emergency 911 was alerted at 7:25 p.m.
Autry was driving a Buick Regal from the parking lot unto Bridge Street. She had her seat belt on. The air bags did not deploy so there wasn't a lot of speed, said Detective Paul Hardwicke and Community Program Coordinator for the Blackfoot City Police.
Autry was cited for failure to yield from an alley or driveway.
This is a moving violation and an infraction, said Hardwicke. A driver pays a fine for an infraction.
Salas, the motorcyclist, was not wearing a helmet. He is also over 18 years old. In Idaho, only motorcyclists under 18 years old are required to wear helmets.
There were no injuries.
"Drivers need to keep their eyes out for motorcyclists, bicyclists, people on foot and other vehicles," Harkwicke said. "Be extra observant. Look twice.
"Expect motorcycles on the roads every day of the year," he said. "There are some hard core motorcyclists out there who drive almost every day of the year.
His advice to motorists is "to look for motorcyclists and everything else.
"Listen for them," he said. "Some motorcycles are noisy.
"Most motorcycles have a headlight on them that is always on," he said.
"Bicyclists are required to follow all traffic laws," Hardwicke explained. "The one exception is a bicyclist does not need to stop at a stop sign if there is no other traffic.
"People should walk opposite traffic, preferably on a sidewalk," he said.
Hardwicke's advice to motorcyclists is:
° Wear helmets.
° Wear shoes that cover the feet, preferably a good leather pair.
° Wear long pants and long sleeves so there is more material between your skin and the asphalt.
° Many motorcyclists wear leather outfits—pants and jacket—to protect themselves in case of a spill.