‘Little misses’ go to day camp with DYW

BLACKFOOT – Prior to their own program, Blackfoot Distinguished Young Women sponsored the Little Miss day camp at the Blackfoot Community Center Saturday.
Director Ashlee Howell said 86 “little misses” were participating in the event, which featured five different workshops in addition to group activities, and a “Be Your Best Self” program presented by the Distinguished Young Women.
“The Distinguished Young Women plan everything. They get their own supplies and make all of the arrangements,” said Howell. “They really take on the whole project and they are great with the younger girls.”
Some of the days events included workshops titled Be Healthy, Be Involved, Be Studious, Be Responsible and Be Ambitious. Many of the activities took the girls into the community to share their new skill.
Distinguished Young Women participants Lindsay Loveland and Miraya Castaneda demonstrated how little misses can be healthy by teaching them a dance. After the 30-minute lesson the girls went and performed at the Willows.
“This is way fun,” said Castaneda. “The girls get so excited to get the opportunity to go show their talent at the Willows.”
The Little Misses will briefly showcase some of their new skills at the Blackfoot Distinguished Young Women program Saturday, March 18 at the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center.