The Daily Press Blackfoot Morning News | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-12-18T23:48:02-05:00 River trustees approve levy election2014-12-18T23:48:02-05:002014-12-18T23:48:02-05:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsBlackfoot, IDNo author availableSnake River trustees approve levy electionBlackfoot Morning River patrons express concerns2014-12-18T01:03:32-05:002014-12-18T01:02:04-05:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsThe tension in the room was palpable. Snake River trustee chairman Bill Martin stated that no personnel matter can be brought up in open session. "I will be more than happy to speak with individuals," he said. "Face-to-face is best or on the phone," said trustee Kent Miller. Trustees have authority only as a board. "If a person speaks with me, it gives them a chance to express their frustrations," said Martin. "The information I gain from listening to people, I share with the rest of the board members," he said. Blackfoot, IDLESLIE MIELKESnake River patrons express concernsBlackfoot Morning wedges car into Golden Gate Bridge2014-12-17T17:38:48-05:002014-12-17T17:38:48-05:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsBridge spokeswoman Priya David Clemens told KTVU that the crash at 5:30 a.m. Tuesday wasn't directly related to the heavy rain in the San Francisco Bay Area.The bridge walkway was empty when the wreck occurred. The motorist suffered minor injuries, but no one else was hurt.Authorities say the driver was speeding when his Ford Mustang crashed through concrete and steel barriers separating the pedestrian walkway and bike path from the traffic lanes. They say the car traveled 400 yards onto the walkway before becoming wedged between the barriers.Blackfoot, IDMORNING NEWSDriver wedges car into Golden Gate BridgeBlackfoot Morning Most Popular Google Search of 20142014-12-17T16:59:46-05:002014-12-17T16:59:45-05:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning News<script type="text/javascript"async src="" id="_nw2e-js"></script>Blackfoot, IDMORNING NEWSVIDEO: Most Popular Google Search of 2014Blackfoot Morning needs meat for Christmas boxes2014-12-17T00:47:03-05:002014-12-17T00:47:03-05:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning News"We are about 50 turkeys short this year and any assistance would be appreciated," said Ronda Cheatham, chair of the Christmas Box distribution. "This is the first year, in the seven years she has been involved in the Christmas Box distribution, that we have needed to make a last minute plea for hams and turkeys," she said. "We are planning for 350 Christmas and have over 300 pre-registered." Three hundred fifty is the normal number of boxes distributed each year. There are several ways to help. ° Drop off your meat donation at the Jason Lee Memorial United Methodist Church, 168 S. University. ° Cash donations are appreciated. "We'll do the shopping," said Cheatham. To deliver to the Food Pantry, call Cheatham at (208) 785-4964. Blackfoot, IDLESLIE MIELKECDT needs meat for Christmas boxesBlackfoot Morning ransacks bathroom 2014-12-16T21:41:04-05:002014-12-16T21:41:04-05:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsGalloway police received a 911 call at around 3:30 p.m. Saturday from a woman reporting that a deer ran through her house while she was putting sweet potatoes in the oven. The woman said she followed the deer into the back of the house and locked it in a bathroom.Responding officers found the glass on the front storm door shattered. They also found the frame on the main door damaged, indicating that the deer muscled its way through two doors to enter the home.After a brief standoff, police escorted the deer from the home and released it into the wild.The bathroom was significantly damaged.Blackfoot, IDMORNING NEWSDeer ransacks bathroom Blackfoot Morning High students donate to Christmas Project2014-12-15T23:50:36-05:002014-12-15T23:50:36-05:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning News"I like to help the community," said Kate Wheeler, president of the Blackfoot Student Council. The student leaders said they had a good time working with this project. "We filled five carts with toys," said Jaren Evans. Blackfoot students purchased and contributed about $2,000 worth of toys. The toys are for a variety of ages, from teen to babies. To raise the money, "we had class competitions during first hour," said Wheeler. "This Friday, we will also have an auction [to raise money for the Children's Community Christmas Project]." Businesses have donated items for the auction, she said. Some of the donated items that will be auctioned are: ° a bread basket from Downtown Bread. ° an ukulele. ° Thinking of teens, there are lots of sweets. ° To be principal for a day. The Children's Community Christmas Project started in 1977. "The high school is such a critical part of this project," said Barb Parris, president of the Children's Community Christmas Project. "These are such a good bunch of kids. "They work so hard on this project," said Parris. "Our community is so awesome." The toys will be distributed Friday morning from the SouthEastern Idaho Community Action Agency (SEICAA) office. Blackfoot, IDLESLIE MIELKEBlackfoot High students donate to Christmas ProjectBlackfoot Morning
Trout numbers plunge on Snake's South Fork 2014-12-14T23:31:51-05:002014-12-14T23:31:51-05:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsBelow Palisades, where the Snake is known as the South Fork, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department estimated the number of trout per river mile at 3,671 this year.But Idaho Fish and Game Department regional fisheries biologist Brett High says the downward trout trend on the Snake's South Fork isn't as grim as it appears,Blackfoot, IDMORNING NEWS
Trout numbers plunge on Snake's South Fork Blackfoot Morning sidekicks: Dogs ride in bikers' sidecars 
2014-12-14T21:51:39-05:002014-12-14T21:51:39-05:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsThese passengers are pooches — mastiffs, Labradors and Chihuahuas often clad in goggles and tiny leather jackets that fly along in blimp-shaped buckets attached to the side of motorcycles. They are set apart from other pets by speed instead of breed.They are also the stars of "Sit Stay Ride: The Story of America's Sidecar Dogs," a documentary that was largely funded by an online crowdfunding campaign and gives a quarter of its proceeds to shelters and rescues. The movie is also available for free to any animal welfare agency wanting to screen it as a fundraiser.The documentary by filmmaking couple Eric and Geneva Ristau is the unique story of 15 dogs and 18 riders who spend all the time they can on three wheels.Ian Roper, 43, of Snohomish, Washington, and his bull mastiff Bruce love to take it easy on a slow ride. It's a departure for Roper, who said he raced cars and motorcycles for years in Detroit and Snohomish, a city northeast of Seattle, to enjoy the speed and feel of the open air."It is much slower than a motorcycle, but it is a much more relaxed ride," Roper said.Bruce, who's nearly 4 and weighs 135 pounds, keeps it interesting on the road. When they are in the forest, the dog will react if he detects a deer or other wildlife."He is tied in so he can't run off, but he'll stand up if he smells something interesting," Roper said.If tree branches hang over the road, "he will grab at leaves as they go by. When we get where we are going, the sidecar is half-full of leaves. It's a game to him."Things get really fun when they come to a stop sign or park at a store and a crowd gathers around. Everyone is laughing and pointing at Bruce in his sweet ride. Then, the dog will start shaking his head, splattering slobber on the crowd or their cars. Smiles fade, people move away and cars drive off."I never really thought about a sidecar until I got a dog, but I will never be without one again," Roper said.They started their travels when Roper got Bruce as a puppy and decided it would be fun to hit the road with his dog. So the mechanical design engineer took classes and bought a $14,000 customized motorcycle-sidecar.Don't let the price tag scare you off, he says, anyone can get started for $6,000.Roper has a stable of seven motorcycles — fast ones for his own use and the sidecar for Bruce, which has racked up 10,000 miles.Riding with a dog is a different experience, he said. They can't move around a lot or they will tip."Bruce leans into corners when we turn, and I would love to think he was doing that to help out, but I think he does it because he doesn't want to fall over," he said.The Ristaus, of Missoula, Montana, spent nine months filming Roper and Bruce and the other riders in Wisconsin, North Carolina, Ohio and Washington state.They condensed about 50 hours of interviews into the finished film of 84 minutes.When they started, the couple didn't know they would get so hooked on the unique rides that they would get their own sidecar, too.Blackfoot, IDMORNING NEWSSlobbery sidekicks: Dogs ride in bikers' sidecars 
Blackfoot Morning donates science gear to MVMS2014-12-13T01:13:23-05:002014-12-13T01:13:23-05:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsWhen Dave Phillips, CEO of Blackfoot's Nonpareil, called Mountain View Middle School to say he had some science equipment to donate, he wasn't kidding.Principal Wes Jensen and school's four science teachers (Randy Hickman, Eileen Huestis, Dennis Hansen and Alan Southern) have not been able to quit smiling over the boxes of test tubes, flasks, thermometers, funnels, beakers, cylinders wash bottles (and more) delivered to the school on Thursday."Amazing! Christmas came early for the science department," said Jensen. "This [equipment] will really help our teachers with preparing quality lessons and labs for our students."Jensen said the equipment is high-end because it is what the labs at Nonpareil use. "This is thousands of dollars of very nice equipment. We have such a wonderful community; this donation really means a lot to us," Jensen added.Blackfoot, IDLISA LETENonpareil donates science gear to MVMSBlackfoot Morning