The Daily Press Blackfoot Morning News | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-04-23T23:24:28-04:00 dismisses grand theft charge2014-04-23T23:24:28-04:002014-04-23T23:24:28-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning News"I am not going to find probable cause to bind him over [to district court]," said Judge Hansen. "My gut feeling is that Mr. York probably did this, but this court does not operate on gut feelings. "It operates on substantial evidence on every material element," he said. Blackfoot, IDLESLIE MIELKEJudge dismisses grand theft chargeBlackfoot Morning students get trees for Arbor Day2014-04-22T23:39:34-04:002014-04-22T23:39:34-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsArbor Day is celebrated on the fourth Friday of April. In the southern part of the country, it's celebrated earlier in the year; in the north (like Alaska) it's celebrated later in the year, said Kerry Christiansen, administrative assistant of the Central Bingham Conservation District. Historically, Sterling Morton moved from Detroit to Nebraska. Because Nebraska had no trees, Morton started planting them. Eventually, he challenged people in the 93 counties of Nebraska to find out who could plant the most trees. Arbor Day has been celebrated since 1872. Blackfoot, IDLESLIE MIELKEGroveland students get trees for Arbor DayBlackfoot Morning board decides to retain popular science teacher2014-04-21T13:39:23-04:002014-04-21T13:39:23-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning News"Specifically, the Board has determined that Ms. Asmus' teaching contract should be renewed, provided that Ms. Asmus will be placed on probation for a period of one full school year on account of several violations of Board Policies and the Idaho Code of Professional Ethics for Professional Educators. "The Board also determined there was no violation of Board policy 7435 (Harassment/Sexual Intimidation in the Work Place) or Board Policy 8735 (Hazing, Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying, Cyber Bully, Menacing). "The Board expresses its appreciation to all staff members and others involved. "The Board also appreciates the interest of its patrons in the matter and their patience in seeing the matter through to its conclusion. Blackfoot, IDLESLIE MIELKESR board decides to retain popular science teacherBlackfoot Morning wins DYW at Snake River 2014-04-21T00:51:20-04:002014-04-21T00:51:20-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsShe won $3,600 worth of scholarships, including $300 in each of these categories--Scholastic, Interview, Talent, Fitness and Self Expression. She also won $2,100 for being named Snake River’s DYW.First Alternate Savannah Williams won scholarships totaling $2,700. This amount includes the $300 she won in the categories of Scholastic, Interview and Talent, plus $1,800 for being named First Alternate.Second Alternate Aubrey Williams won $300 scholarships in the Interview, Talent and Fitness categories and $1,550 for being named Second Alternate.Two participants each received $350 scholarships for being voted Spirit of Distinguished Young Women. The winners of this award are voted on by their peers. Karenika Hutchison and Phylicia Lee received these awards.Blackfoot, IDLESLIE MIELKEShawver wins DYW at Snake River Blackfoot Morning Wheeler named Blackfoot's DYW 2014-04-21T00:45:25-04:002014-04-21T00:45:25-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsHansen performed a flawless flute solo of "Carnival of Venice" which earned her the second place award in the talent category for an additional scholarship of $350. She also placed first in the "self expression category for a scholarship of $450 and third in the interview category for a scholarship of $350.Wheeler said she "hopes to make a difference in her home, community and career and help people change their lives for the better.""I'm continuing my education and doing what I can to serve others," she said.The first runner-up was Emily Jensen who also performed a flute solo. She will receive a $1,200 scholarship. She placed first in the interview category for a scholarship of $450 and second in "self expression" for a scholarship of $350.Blackfoot, IDLISA LETEKate Wheeler named Blackfoot's DYW Blackfoot Morning stocks rainbow trout in Jensen Grove Lake2014-04-18T23:44:34-04:002014-04-18T23:44:34-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsThere was indeed something "fishy" going on in Blackfoot Friday morning as Idaho Department of Fish Paul Martin, IDFG fish culturist, said that the fish are a little disoriented when they're first dropped from the water tank into the lake but that they adapt after a few hours. He stressed that the fish are sterile so that they cannot cross breed with the native cutthroat. Blackfoot, IDNo author availableIFG stocks rainbow trout in Jensen Grove LakeBlackfoot Morning officials honor dispatchers2014-04-17T23:25:34-04:002014-04-17T23:25:33-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsThe dispatchers also have received flowers and small gifts throughout the week.Lead dispatcher Katie Bisharat has been a Bingham County dispatcher for 19 years.“It is a very rewarding profession,” she said. “There is a high turnover rate everywhere.The average length of a dispatcher’s tenure is not past 10 years, said Bisharat. Blackfoot, IDLESLIE MIELKECounty officials honor dispatchersBlackfoot Morning Math Program explored at SR 2014-04-17T01:52:03-04:002014-04-17T01:52:03-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsThe Star Enterprise Math Program is an accelerated math program that is aligned to the common core, vertically and horizontally, said sixth grade math teacher Carol Adams. Adams headed up piloting this program for the last couple months. "Star Enterprises bridges assessment and instruction," she said. "The testing helps the teacher personalize math to their students." "[This program lets me] know exactly where my students are and what they need," said Adams. "This program has changed the style of my teaching." Three benchmark tests are given students—possibly one in Fall, Winter and Spring. More data points are given as each student progresses. The program also tracks each student's need of intervention. Sixth grader Lorenzo said he has already mastered 79 math standards. Blackfoot, IDLESLIE MIELKENew Math Program explored at SR Blackfoot Morning, city officials explore options for solving 'train problem'2014-04-15T23:44:28-04:002014-04-15T23:44:28-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsSome "out of the box" ideas were offered to Blackfoot Mayor Paul Loomis and the Blackfoot City Council on how to contend with the city's "train problem" at a town hall meeting held in Blackfoot on Tuesday night. About 60 concerned citizens attended the meeting called by Loomis as the city prepares to apply for a Tiger Grant through the U.S. Department of Transportation in hopes of getting $1 million to have a feasibility study done on what can be done to work around the trains that have been aggravating residents for years. City Councilman Skip Gardner stressed, "This is not the time to complain about how our lives have been stopped by the trains. We've all been affected by the trains. We're here to find a solution to a definite problem that we have here in Blackfoot."City leaders have been toying with the idea of constructing an overpass or underpass for years. Loomis, who just took office this year, wants to be the mayor to start the process of doing "something" to resolve the problem.For more on this story, go to our print or e-editions.Blackfoot, IDLISA LETECitizens, city officials explore options for solving 'train problem'Blackfoot Morning firm breaks ground on Shelley plant2014-04-14T23:15:20-04:002014-04-14T23:15:20-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning News"We're going to start turning dirt in the next two or three days," said Bryce Esplin, CEO of Golden Valley Natural. "We anticipate completion in April of next year."Golden Valley Natural is a producer of organic meat snacks based in Idaho Falls. It currently employs 270 people. The 200,000 square foot facility in Shelley will employ an additional 200 people."We've been handcrafting meat snacks since 1968," Esplin noted. He said that when the Shelley plant is up and running, it will include every type of job related to manufacturing, from minimum wage to administrative positions.Blackfoot, IDBOB HUDSONMeat-processing firm breaks ground on Shelley plantBlackfoot Morning