The Daily Press Blackfoot Morning News | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-09-18T00:36:36-04:00 River books 'in good shape'2014-09-18T00:36:36-04:002014-09-18T00:36:36-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsCPA Kurt Folke said the district's funds "are in good shape." The general fund had an increase of $69,095 over fiscal year 2013-2014. "It was an increase for the last fiscal year," he said. "It was added to the carryover to the general fund. "The ending fund balance for the purpose of cash flow was $852,921," said Folke. "The general fund balance that is needed for one month is about $720,000. "[The ending fund balance of $852,921] is about one and one-quarter of the operating reserve needed," he said. "We usually recommend one and one-half to three months of operating reserve. "Why is this needed?" Folke asked. The school district's fiscal year ends June 30. The next big check from the state arrives about Aug. 15. Blackfoot, IDLESLIE MIELKESnake River books 'in good shape'Blackfoot Morning 6 Ways To Pack A Better Lunch2014-09-17T17:33:18-04:002014-09-17T17:33:18-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsBlackfoot, IDMORNING NEWSVIDEO: 6 Ways To Pack A Better LunchBlackfoot Morning district official explains shortfall2014-09-16T23:59:07-04:002014-09-16T23:59:07-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsThere was standing room only at Tuesday's school board meeting as Kress went through a PowerPoint presentation explaining in detail "three major reasons" why the district has found itself in such a deep hole and how the budget will be revised to help make up the deficit.Kress said the three reasons are: 1) An overage in operating expenditures. 2) Underperforming revenues 3) Budgeting/accounting errors.In explaining reason No.1, Kress said that several small overages in the cost of utilities, supplies, substitutes, salaries and transportation equated to a $250,000 budget revision.Kress elaborated further on reason No.2 (underperforming revenues) specifically Medicaid and Impact Aid. Kress said the district budgeted for $300,000 in these federal revenues, but that only $150,000 has come in.For more on this story, turn to our print and e-editions.Blackfoot, IDLISA LETEBlackfoot district official explains shortfallBlackfoot Morning reject Blackfoot grant request2014-09-15T23:58:28-04:002014-09-15T23:58:28-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsCity leaders have been toying with the idea of constructing an overpass or underpass for years and Blackfoot Mayor Paul Loomis had made it one of his goals to start the process.The city applied for the Tiger Grant through the U.S. Department of Transportation this spring in hope of receiving $800,000 with city matching funds of $200,000.Blackfoot, IDLISA LETEFeds reject Blackfoot grant requestBlackfoot Morning school district to address $1 million shortfall 2014-09-15T01:08:06-04:002014-09-15T01:08:06-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsOn Friday, Board chairman Dewane Wren acknowledged the massive deficit, saying, "There are three or four reasons why this happened. We'll be able to get past this and make it up but the budget will have to be revised."Wren said that there will likely be a "hiring freeze" but that no school programs should have to be cut. More ideas will be discussed in detail at the budget hearing.Wren encourages the district's patrons to attend Tuesday's meeting, saying, "We want to stop the rumors and be upfront and transparent about it [the shortfall]."Blackfoot, IDLiSA LETEBlackfoot school district to address $1 million shortfall Blackfoot Morning hearing will reopen 2014 county budget 2014-09-13T01:29:01-04:002014-09-13T01:29:01-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsTwo public hearings will take place at that time. At the first public hearing, commissioners will reopen the 2014 budget to receive some grant money. The second public hearing will add $7,268 to the ambulance budget. There are three ambulance districts in Bingham County—Blackfoot, Shelley/Firth and Aberdeen. Each ambulance district receives a percentage of this amount based on the area the ambulance district covers. The $7,268 is reimbursement that was requested by the ambulance districts. Pacific Corp. of Idaho filed three separate complaints. The complaints were filed 2008, 2009 and 2010-2013. The court ruled three times—in each complaint—that the values the state tax commission had assessed on the utility were too high, that the tax commission had taxed the Pacific Corp. of Idaho too much. The various tax districts, where the Pacific Corp. had property, were assessed tax levies to help pay the overcharge. Blackfoot, IDLESLIE MIELKEPublic hearing will reopen 2014 county budget Blackfoot Morning photograph alleged sleeping Florida burglar2014-09-12T11:25:28-04:002014-09-12T11:25:28-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsPolice say an accused burglar continued snoozing next to a bag of jewelry he was allegedly planning to swipe even after deputies began snapping pictures of him.According to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, a cleaning lady discovered 29-year-old Dion Davis on a bed inside the victim's home Monday.Deputies say they took several photographs of the sleeping Davis, but he didn't wake up.Blackfoot, IDMORNING NEWSCops photograph alleged sleeping Florida burglarBlackfoot Morning Obamas, Americans Remember Victims of 9/11 Attacks2014-09-11T15:29:29-04:002014-09-11T15:29:29-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning News<script type="text/javascript"async src="" id="_nw2e-js"></script>Blackfoot, IDMORNING NEWSVIDEO: Obamas, Americans Remember Victims of 9/11 AttacksBlackfoot Morning speaks on getting published2014-09-10T23:44:34-04:002014-09-10T23:44:34-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsGatewood, a longtime Blackfoot resident, has three published novels of suspense and romance ("Winter Secret," "Spring Promise" and "Summer Truth") under her belt since 2012. She is gearing up to write the fourth and final novel of the series titled "Autumn Hush."Gatewood, 66, who raised 7 children and now a grandmother of 19, said she just loves to write and encourages others who dream of publishing a book to come to the workshop."It's important to learn new things, regardless of your age. That's what life is all about" she said. "Writing helps keep me on my toes and I'm not going to stop."To read a synopsis on Gatewood's books, go to: Her books can also be downloaded at and can be checked out at the Blackfoot Public Library.Blackfoot, IDLISA LETEAuthor speaks on getting publishedBlackfoot Morning volunteers grill 100-foot-long bratwurst2014-09-10T19:30:00-04:002014-09-10T19:30:00-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsSilver Creek Saloon hosted the practice run Tuesday to prepare for the city's 200th anniversary celebration, where the volunteers will attempt to grill a 200-foot-long bratwurst, the Belleville News-Democrat reported. The Bicentennial Oktoberfest Weekend Celebration is set to be held Sept. 19-21 in downtown Belleville.On Tuesday, Larry Schubert, who made the 60-pound sausage, led the effort to unroll it onto a specially made 100-foot metal trough. Volunteers exercised more caution after practicing in August with a 50-foot bratwurst that broke in several places because it was turned too quickly and the grill was too hot. Organizers walked around to inspect and fix splits in the meat.Blackfoot, IDMORNING NEWSIllinois volunteers grill 100-foot-long bratwurstBlackfoot Morning