The Daily Press Blackfoot Morning News | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2015-04-01T05:54:58-04:00 charged with stabbing boyfriend after salsa argument2015-04-01T05:54:58-04:002015-04-01T05:03:08-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsA police report says 61-year-old Ronnie Buckner told officers he was eating salsa with his girlfriend, Phyllis Jefferson, at his Akron, Ohio, apartment Sunday when she started complaining that he was eating all of it. Buckner told police that 50-year-old Jefferson then started yelling and stabbed him with a pen. Buckner said he was trying to catch a television that Jefferson had knocked over when she grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed him again.Police say they later stopped and arrested Jefferson on Interstate 77.She's also charged with misdemeanor criminal endangering. Court records list no attorney for her.Blackfoot, IDAPWoman charged with stabbing boyfriend after salsa argumentBlackfoot Morning calendar2015-03-31T23:06:09-04:002015-03-31T23:06:09-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning News• Distinguished Dudes at 7 p.m. at the BPAC. Tickets will be $5 per person at the door.Saturday, aPril 4• Chamber Easter Egg Hunt at Jensen’s Grove at 10 a.m. Saturday, April 4th. The hunt is for children up to 12. Admission is free. Bring your Easter baskets.Blackfoot, IDNo author availableWeekend calendarBlackfoot Morning Dudes2015-03-31T19:57:22-04:002015-03-31T19:57:22-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsBlackfoot, IDLESLIE SIEGERDistinguished DudesBlackfoot Morning cited following two-vehicle accident which closes interstate2015-03-31T19:29:05-04:002015-03-31T16:35:26-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsAccording to the Idaho State Police, Joseph Pilgrim, 19, was northbound in a Ford pickup towing a trailer. His trailer came unhooked and struck a northbound semi tractor-trailer being driven by Warren Jones, 53, of Pennsylvania.The trailer came to rest in the northbound lanes. Officers closed down the road in the area of milepost 96 for approximately one hour to remove the vehicles and clean up debris. Neither driver was injured and both were wearing seatbelts.Blackfoot, IDLISA LETEMan cited following two-vehicle accident which closes interstateBlackfoot Morning the dumpling2015-03-31T12:24:02-04:002015-03-31T12:23:03-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsBy KELLI KENNEDY Associated PressMIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) — When Portland chef Jenn Louis set out to perfect pasta dumplings in Italy, she was occasionally met with such disdain from local chefs she might as well have been trying to push the doughy fare to the Paleo diet crowd."Each person I interviewed and cooked with had a different notion about what was and was not gnocchi. When I approached the subject as dumplings, I was quickly corrected and told that dumplings are Chinese food. (This was accompanied by a smirk and shake of the head in many cases.)," Louis writes in her new cookbook, "Pasta by Hand."After five years of research and two trips to Italy, Louis now is comfortable saying dumplings are pasta. And deliciously so.And to make her point, she dedicated her entire cookbook to dumplings made from all manner of ingredients, including flour, potatoes, bread and semolina. Like so much Italian food, the rustic shapes and ingredients of the dumplings vary by region, from little nubs perfect for completing a vegetable soup to long, thin pencil-like dumplings paired with tomato sauce or a hearty ragu.In the book, Louis' dumplings are hand-formed doughy masses that can be poached, simmered or fried and often are stuffed with regional foods, such as creamy homemade ricotta, spinach, leftover pork sausage and even more exotic offerings such as chestnuts and wild nettles.Many of the recipes were passed along to Louis as she cooked with locals and chefs at their homes and restaurants around Italy. Louis has been making pasta from scratch at her Lincoln Restaurant in Portland, Oregon, for years. But she says it still was fascinating to unearth recipes and techniques from small villages that few outsiders had ever tasted."They would be very, very uncomfortable letting me cook with them, and then they saw that I knew what I was doing and was very passionate about what they were teaching me and were like, 'OK, let me show you something'," Louis said during a recent interview with The Associated Press during the South Beach Wine and Food Festival.Louis calls her dumplings weekend recipes, though there are plenty that aren't labor intensive. And Louis points out that none requires a pasta maker. Some call for nothing more than a bowl and a spoon. Frascarelli is a good dumpling to make with children, made by drizzling water over semolina and using a bench scraper to turn the pasta over on itself, then shaking the sieve until you get nice, big chunks that are simmered in boiling water."It's as simple as you can get. I think that some of these are incredibly rudimentary, some of the original pasta shapes," she said.As for the carb haters or gluten-free readers, she's included dumplings made with chickpeas instead of flour, and Louis says gluten-free flour can be substituted in most of the dishes for traditional all-purpose. She rarely sits down to a big bowl of pasta herself, but does enjoy it for a side dish or a weekend splurge. There's also several recipes with veggies, such as orecchiette with turnip greens, anchovies and garlic.__DUNDERIJenn Louis says these light ricotta dumplings come from Italy's Amalfi Coast and sometimes are made with lemon zest. "They are held together with as little flour as possible to keep their texture creamy and tender," she writes in her new cookbook, "Pasta by Hand." She says they are traditionally dressed with just butter or tomato sauce.Start to finish: 30 minutesServings: 42 cups whole-milk ricotta cheese6 egg yolks1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheeseFreshly grated nutmeg1 teaspoon kosher salt1 cup plus 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour, plus more for dustingSemolina flour, for dustingIn a large bowl, mix the ricotta and egg yolks until smooth. Add the Parmesan, a few swipes of nutmeg, the salt and the flour. Mix with a wooden spoon just until the dough comes together.Using 1/4 cup of all-purpose flour, dust your work surface, then scrape the dough from the bowl directly on top of the flour. Sprinkle the top of the dough with an additional 1/4 cup of flour. This will help prevent the dough from being too sticky to roll.Line a baking sheet with kitchen parchment, then dust it with semolina flour. Cut off a chunk of dough about the width of 2 fingers, then cover the rest with plastic wrap.On an unfloured work surface, use your hands to roll the chunk into a log about 1/2 inch in diameter. Cut the log into pieces 1/2 to 1 inch long. Place the dunderi on the prepared baking sheet, then shape the remaining dough. Make sure that the dunderi don't touch or they will stick together.If not cooking right away, the dunderi can be refrigerated on the baking sheet, covered with plastic wrap, for up to 2 days, or frozen on the baking sheet and placed in an airtight container. Use within 1 month. If frozen, do not thaw before cooking.To cook, bring a large pot of salted water to a simmer over medium-high heat. Add the dunderi and simmer until they float to the surface, 1 to 3 minutes. Use a slotted spoon to remove immediately and finish with your choice of sauce. Serve right away.Nutrition information per serving: 500 calories; 240 calories from fat (48 percent of total calories); 26 g fat (14 g saturated; 0 g trans fats); 350 mg cholesterol; 40 g carbohydrate; 1 g fiber; 1 g sugar; 26 g protein; 780 mg sodium.Blackfoot, IDNo author availableMaster the dumplingBlackfoot Morning Dinner Table serves last supper of the year.2015-03-31T06:09:47-04:002015-03-31T06:00:00-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsBlackfoot, IDLISA LETECommunity Dinner Table serves last supper of the year.Blackfoot Morning of the week2015-03-30T23:50:14-04:002015-03-30T23:50:14-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsBlackfoot, IDLESLIE MIELKEPhoto of the weekBlackfoot Morning, Affordable Marathon Sponsorships Available2015-03-30T19:47:42-04:002015-03-30T19:47:42-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsThe 4th Annual Tommy Vaughn's Blackfoot Marathon and More is approaching its running date of Saturday, May 16, and we are pleased to offer some new opportunities for community support. Thanks to the continued support of our Title, Presenting (Idaho Central CU), and Supporting (Portneuf Medical Center) Sponsors, we are able to offer sponsorship of our HYDRATION STATIONS at a reduced fee of $100. There are 14 of these stations that are looking for sponsors, and this amount will adequately cover the cost of energy gels, cups, electyrolyte mix, and other supplies.Our new sponsorship category will let you BUY A MILE! For $50 you can sponsor one of the 26 miles of the marathon course. This amount helps cover the cost of marking and preparing the course for the event.Each of these opportunities will get you:(1) a sign on the course, identifying your business, family, or group, (2) access to the runners' "goody bags" to place promotional items or brochures about your business or programs, and(3) your name listed on the runners' tee shirts and on a banner at Race Central.As most of you are aware, after all expenses of the event are paid, 100% of the proceeds go to Community Dinner Table, our local charity that works every day to fight hunger in our area. Over the past three events, we have been able to contribute nearly $10,000 to CDT and intend on keeping that trend going.If you, your family, your business, civic group, club, or just a group of friends would like to join us, please visit to sign up for one of these opportunities. You can pay directly online via credit or debit card. If you would prefer to pay by check, please send it, payable to Blackfoot Marathon, to Blackfoot Marathon, 1129 South Shilling Avenue, Blackfoot, ID 83221, Blackfoot, IDNo author availableNew, Affordable Marathon Sponsorships AvailableBlackfoot Morning sentenced2015-03-31T06:09:47-04:002015-03-30T19:22:05-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsCharged with vehicular manslaughter, Underwood will serve seven years fixed and eight years indeterminate for this felony. On Monday, Oct. 7, 2013, Underwood was northbound in the southbound lane, traveling at 70 mph in a 55 mph zone. He had passed several cars when he crashed head-on with another vehicle driven by Richard "Tazzy" Peyope, 45, of Fort Hall. Blackfoot, IDLESLIE MIELKEUnderwood sentencedBlackfoot Morning is a centerfold: Rest home bares all for calendar2015-03-30T18:10:02-04:002015-03-30T18:10:02-04:00Copyright 2010 Blackfoot Morning NewsMiss March, who's 88, wears a green top hat and not much else in the calendar from Pleasant Pointe Assisted Living, and the centerfolds are two women in their 90s who seem to be playing poker with strategically placed oversize cards.Flip to February and you'll see a smiling, white-haired Dottie Rutter soaking in a bubble bath and flower petals, with chocolates and lingerie nearby.At 87, she's the same age as the youngest of three models standing in the cover photo, where their bare feet and shoulders peek out from behind a banner they hold advertising the Barberton facility and the affiliated Pleasant View Health Care Center.It reads: "Pleasant View, Pleasant Pointe."Another resident in the calendar is covered only by a large exercise ball.Administrator Teresa Morris told The Akron Beacon Journal that the residents were clearly having fun the morning the photos were taken."The residents were like 20-year-olds — giggling, and having the time of their lives," Morris said. "I do not believe the elderly should just sit around staring at each other. I want a fun environment where I challenge them and they challenge me."Blackfoot, IDMORNING NEWSGrandma is a centerfold: Rest home bares all for calendarBlackfoot Morning