Students invited to enter science fair

Staff Writer

The Idaho Science and Technology Charter School (ISTCS) is inviting all fourth through sixth-grade students in Bingham County area, to enter the ISTCS Science fair. The fair will take place at 9 a.m. April 15 at ISTCS, 21 North 550 West.
“We are excited about the reaction we have been receiving from the community,” said ISTCS teacher Lydia Beck. “We will have first, second and third place awards for each grade fourth through sixth. There will also be a ‘crowd favorite’ award which will give the public an opportunity to vote for their favorite.”
Students will need to display their projects on a tri-fold display board. The exhibit cannot be larger than 2 ½ ft. front-to-back by 4 ft. side-to-side) by 9 feet top-to-bottom. No hazardous materials such as  drugs, caustic or flammable chemicals, microbial or fungal cultures, live insects, sharp objects, exposed hardware, exposed or frayed wiring which carries current will be allowed. Projects must be done individually no group or team entries will be accepted.
There is no entry fee for entering in the science competition. To register for the fair go to by April 6. The website also offers information about the rules. A link to is provided for students looking for project ideas. Fill out a simple questionnaire about interests and hobbies to find a fun project.
“Participation in this science fair can help drive a lifelong interest in science and the world around us,” Beck said. “It expands scientific knowledge and encourages self-driven exploration and real life application. It teaches problems solving skills that can be beneficial in several different aspects of life. It can also increase self-confidence and assurance in one’s own intelligence. Overall, science fairs are a great opportunity to take joy in attaining and sharing knowledge with one’s community.