Shelley trustees make tentative budget decisions

SHELLEY – Shelley school board trustees met Thursday evening to discuss the budget for the 2011-2012 school year (Fiscal Year 2012).
The anticipated shortfall for that year is approximately $600,000, said Superintendent Bryan Jolley.
So it comes down to three choices — staff reductions, more students in each classroom or cutting salaries, said trustee Loren Lund.
At the conclusion of the two-hour meeting, trustees sort of nibbled around the corners.
To meet the anticipated $600,000 shortfall, these are their decisions:
* $260,000 will be taken from the fund balance (the district’s savings).
* $165,000 salary reduction to match the 1.87 percent salary grid decrease from the state. To meet this 1.87 salary reduction, three furlough days would be in place across the district.
* $30,000 will be taken from the textbook fund.
* Ten people are retiring from the Shelley School District at the end of this school year. Eight are certificated staff (teachers). Trustees proposed that two of these positions not be filled.
* $20,000 will be transferred from the Medicaid fund.
* $33,000 will be taken from various programs such as Saturday school, Christmas gift cards for the teachers and staff and Natural Helpers.
Business manager Trish Dixon emphasized the Natural Helpers program would not be eliminated; it would continue. Natural Helpers would not be funded under this proposal.
These are approximate figures and tentative decisions. In July, trustees from each school district will know the exact amount of money they will receive from the state.
Deeper cuts are expected from the state in FY 2013 and FY 2014, said Jolley.