School District levies pass

David Kerns, Snake River Superintendent, (on left) and Brian Kress, Blackfoot Superintendent, were on hand to hear the result of the levy elections. All levies passed.
Staff Writer

Electors approved the levies in both the Blackfoot and Snake River School Districts on Tuesday.
In Blackfoot, 760 electors or 74.51 percent voted in favor of the supplemental levy. The number of votes cast against the supplemental levy were 260 electors or 25.49 percent. Voting in favor of the plant facility levy were 763 votes or 75.25 percent; cast against the fund levy were 251 votes or 25.49 percent.
In Blackfoot, electors approved the supplemental levy of $2,150,000 for two years and a $600,000 plant levy for 10 years in Blackfoot School District number 55.
Electors approved the $750,000 supplemental levy requested in Snake River School District number 52. The voting approval was 400 votes or 74.49 percent in favor of the levy with 137 votes or 25.51 percent voting against the levy.
Supplemental levies are approved by a simple majority that is 50 percent plus one vote. Plant facility levies must be approved by at least 55 percent.
With all 19 precincts reporting in Bingham County, the number of votes cast for these elections totaled 1,567. On election day, 1,145 electors voted. The number of people who voted absentee were 364 and 58 people voted early.
The number of registered voters in the Blackfoot and Snake River School Districts combined totaled 12,117 voters. In both school districts, 1,567 voters or 12.9 percent cast their ballots on Tuesday. Two years ago, the percentage of voters who cast their ballots was 17 percent.
There are 8,307 registered in the Blackfoot district; 1,020 voters or 12.27 percent cast their ballots.
In the Snake River district, there are 3,810 registered voters; 537 voters or 14.09 percent cast their ballots on Tuesday.
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