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New charges: Police investigate separate BHS hazing case

December 21, 2010

BLACKFOOT — Five additional students have received a Juvenile Violation Report of misdemeanor offenses after police uncovered a separate hazing-related incident at Blackfoot High School.
Blackfoot Police Chief David Moore said the second incident was uncovered as police were interviewing and investigating individuals regarding criminal activity and hazing among student athletes at Blackfoot High School.
Bingham County Prosecuting Attorney emphasized that the JVR is not a charging document. However, he said, it is often mistaken as one because it is similar in appearance.
Earlier this month police charged Nathan Walker, Anthony Clarke, Logan Chidester and Tyson Katseanes, all 19, with various misdemeanors and felony counts of forcible sexual penetration using a foreign object. They are scheduled to appear in 7th District Court on Dec. 23.
Police say those incidents took place between Dec. 2, 2009, and Feb. 28 at the school’s locker room and on a bus, and involved multiple victims. A juvenile also faces charges related to the incidents.
Moore said they are still conducting interviews as part of their investigation, and that additional charges are pending. The investigation is ongoing.
“We’re following up on every lead,” Moore said.
Last week Moore said “a significant amount” of victims had been identified through their investigation. The police are investigating possible hazing incidents that occurred during the 2009-2010 school year at Blackfoot High School.
Blackfoot School District Superintendent Scott Crane said he has had meetings with coaches at the high school as well as Mountain View Middle School, stressing student safety. He said coaches have been instructed to maintain a high level of vigilance when working with the students and to keep lights on inside buses and to make extra checks in locker rooms.



December 23, 2010 by WinterWonderland, 4 years 21 weeks ago
Comment: 221

I think that these young men stepped out of line and they deserve whatever it is they get. I do hate the fact that this went National yesterday, it makes a bad name for our beloved BHS. It will make people everywhere forget the good things that have happened for example debate, academics and more. My heart aches for the dear ones to the victims and their families. It also aches for the boys parents and dear ones. I think that the expresion "boys will be boys" is out of line here. Yes boys WILL be boys but this was not just some ordinary little stupid boy thing. They were out of line this time.

The Only Thing "Simple" Here

December 24, 2010 by truthsayer (not verified), 4 years 21 weeks ago
Comment: 222

The only thing simple here is your obviously ignorant bias, and rush to judgment.

Packer is taking the bullet

December 22, 2010 by teacherk (not verified), 4 years 21 weeks ago
Comment: 217

This is a saying that many organizations use when something goes wrong. By doing this, more important people in the organization are protected.

I would welcome any readers of this to help me answer some of my questions.

When this investigation started in Sept., what happened?

1)The two students reported directly to the police.
2)The two students reported to the BHS staff first and the police was immediately called in.
3)The two students report the abuse to the staff, principal,and or coaches first, but were ignored or told not to report it. Then students went to the police.

If no. 3 was what happened, then those individuals should also be on leave.

Also, since this investigation was started in Sept., what did the school district do to protect the students until now? Was anyone abused during the last 4 months?

Too Little, Too Late

December 22, 2010 by bodiddly (not verified), 4 years 21 weeks ago
Comment: 215

Scott Crane is playing the whole community as idiots. He is all about show to keep everyone at bay. Is he so powerful that nobody can see his game? Where is the courage in the district? All the victims are starting to come forward and that is courageous. When will the teachers and admin stand-up and show some courage that they have failed the victims? Which teachers were told about this and said NOTHING? How is putting the basketball coach, who would never tolerate this behavior if he knew, on administrative leave going to help at this point? Who is Scott Crane making happy by doing this?


December 22, 2010 by Kibbitt2 (not verified), 4 years 21 weeks ago
Comment: 206

I am just wondering if they are starting to go to far in what they call "Hazing". I remember as a kid we could be kids. We could joke around with each other slap each others butts. It's getting to the point to where we can't give someone else a hug without worrying if we are going to be charged with sexual harrasment. I believe that if these boys did what is said they have done they need to pay the consequences for that, but it seems like we are taking some of what has happened and making a big deal out of nothing.

Your right on one thing,

December 22, 2010 by Really... (not verified), 4 years 21 weeks ago
Comment: 208

Your right on one thing, calling it hazing is wrong. They need to call it rape and sexual battery! There are some people who do take things to far, that is unfortunatly just life, but this is no that kind of case. These boys held down victims and sodimized them against their will! How much further could they take it?? To say that something is being mad out of nothing is a huge injustice to the victims. I think you would see things differently if your son had been the one on the receiving end of this!

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