Independence High celebrates St. Patrick's Day

'Rune Stone' performed Irish music for students at Independence High School on Friday. From left are Caitlin Vitale-Sullivan, Suzanne Friend, Evelyn Hitchcock and Judy Del Debbio. Madison Given learns a few steps of an Irish jig on St. Patrick's Day at Independence High School on Friday. Blackfoot resident Eileen Bresnahan introduced Independence High School students to fairy lore on St. Patrick's Day.
Staff Writer

As they celebrated St. Patrick's Day on Friday, students at Independence High School in Blackfoot learned a little bit about Irish fairy folklore, Irish musical culture and modern Irish pop culture. They also took a slide tour of "the old country."
Eileen Bresnahan from Blackfoot introduced the Irish Fairy Folklore.
"The fairy race went underground to protect themselves," she said. "Fairies like things with sparkles and bling. Trolls represent the earth, fairies, the air, mermaids, water and dragons, fire. Tara is the location for the oldest royal throne of Irish royalty."
Teacher Megann Lawhorn presented modern Irish pop culture.
"Ireland is about the size of West Virginia," she said.
Started in 2003, the group, "Rune Stone," from Pocatello played for the students as they learned an Irish step. Members of the group are Judy Del Debbio on guitar, Evelyn Hitchcock on accordion, Suzanne Friend who plays the whistle, boudhran (an Irish drum), spoons and she sings. Caitlin Vitale-Sullivan plays the fiddle and sings. Jigs and reels were played.
Hitchcock said, "I was invited to join a jam session over 10 years. We jam from 7-9 p.m. each Monday at the Bridge Restaurant in the Yellowstone Hotel in Pocatello."
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