Groveland students hold fair representing 50 states

BLACKFOOT — Fifth graders at Groveland Elementary School have been studying the states for about four weeks now. They concluded their studies on Friday with a fun and festive event : the "United States Share Fair." The students created a booth representing every state in the union (except Idaho) with costumes, posters, treats, crafts, and information depicting their assigned state.
Fifth grade teacher Shari Kress, who has taught at the school 25 years, said the "Share Fair" is something the fifth grade classes have been doing for about 20 years now.
Kress said that each student is assigned a state to study and give a report on based on random drawings.
"It's all 'luck of the draw'," she said.
"The 'Share Fair' is the grand finale of the state projects. "This is something that the kids enjoy doing. Families are invited to the school to come and see the booths and visit with the students about their project," she said. "These kids just love to talk and share, so this event is right up their alley."
Principal Christine Silzly said, "This is a collaboration between the teachers and the students that they enjoy so much. It's an opportunity for the students to learn about the different states, besides Idaho. Some students study a state that they have already been to, while others learn about a place that they would like to visit someday."
See Saturday's Morning News for the full story.