Firth High School earns accreditation

Staff Writer

Firth High School accreditation and the maintenance report for the school district were presented during the Firth School Board last Thursday, April 13.
Firth High School principal Jeff Gee said, "Accreditation is what makes high school credits count."
The high school accreditation process is supervised by AdvancED which examines each high school's programs, curriculum and virtually all other aspects of a high school conducted by an external review team. Surveys of students, faculty and parents take place. Data was collected by independent auditors that formed an accreditation team from the State of Idaho. Representatives of AdvancED visited Firth High School on Monday and Tuesday, March 13 and 14.
"There is a framed certificate of accreditation in my office form 1934," FHS principal Jeff Gee said. "I did not want to be the one who did not get the accreditation."
An external accreditation review takes place every five years, although it has been six years since Firth has gone through this accreditation process.
"It is a lot of work," Gee said. "Steve Young, who heads AdvancED in eastern Idaho, was very impressed with the use of technology in Firth."
Powerful practices recognized at FHS are:
—The use of an advisory period (flex time) in the high school.
—School board members have empower the principal with an appropriate level of trust and freedom.
—Technology infrastructure at the high school—the training and use of technology.
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