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First appearance: Ex-BHS athletes hear charges

December 24, 2010

BLACKFOOT — Four former athletes at Blackfoot High School appeared with their attorneys before Seventh District Magistrate Judge Charles Roos Thursday in the Bingham County Courthouse.
The defendants, Anthony Clarke, Nathan A. Walker, Tyson W. Katseanes and Logan J. Chidester, are all 19 years old.
The four face felony charges of forcible sexual penetration by use of a foreign object and misdemeanor charges for alleged incidents involving underclassmen who were teammates.
Each defendant faces life imprisonment in the Idaho State Penitentiary and/or a $50,000 fine or both for each felony charge.
Clarke and Katseanes each face one felony count while Walker and Chidester face four felony counts apiece.
On Thursday, each defendant was booked, fingerprinted and his photo was taken.
In a joint statement, attorneys for Chidester, Walker and Katseanes said, "As of today, defense counsel have received no evidence to substantiate the felony charges against any of the defendants."
Clarke's attorney, Dean Brandstetter, said he does not speak to the press nor try his cases in the press.
"Rumors can have long-lasting effects," said Justin Oleson, the attorney for Chidester. "People are too quick to judge."
All four defendants will appear for a preliminary hearing before Judge Roos at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011. The judge anticipates the preliminary hearing will last two or three days.
Judge Roos said, "This case has taken priority in my life; the whole community needs this resolved as soon as possible."
Explaining what can be expected in a preliminary hearing, the judge said, "The prosecutor needs to prove a minimal burden of proof that it is more probable than not that the alleged crime or crimes were committed."
The four defendants also face misdemeanor charges for which their attorneys entered not guilty pleas. They will appear for a pre-trial conference at 1:15 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 1.


publicity stunt?

December 29, 2010 by marieosmond (not verified), 4 years 20 weeks ago
Comment: 230

Why would the prosecutor be worried about carrying out any publicity stunts? No elections on the horizon in December of the year. I'm sure they are plenty busy prosecuting all of the drugs, domestic abuse, and fraud going on around the county. I see no reason why they would go looking for something to draw attention to themselves or their office. I do however see a reason why Steve Blaser would say that the charges are unfounded...he is defending one of the perpetrators with the longer list of felony counts. I wouldn't expect him to say "gee, yeah, seems like they have good evidence and every reason in the world to prosecute my client." He's a defense attorney, they all say things like that, they all proclaim their client's innocence, they all complain that the charges should never have been filed. It's what they do. As for the statement that the boys all continue to be such great friends with their victims, I think I would ask the victims if that is a true statement. Again, the defense attorneys can say what they want, but they do have a reason to try and portray their clients in the best possible light. I trust more what is coming from the police and prosecutor's office. They don't have any motives to go after these boys. Nobody is going to get their spot on the high school team, they all graduated. Ask yourself, what is the motivation for these charges being filed? What does anyone have to gain? Why would the victims put themselves through this? I tend to believe that there is enough evidence for charges to be filed, and not just based on the testimony of one kid, but many kids.

Ask away.

December 30, 2010 by truthsayer (not verified), 4 years 20 weeks ago
Comment: 235

Marie wrote--"As for the statement that the boys all continue to be such great friends with their victims, I think I would ask the victims if that is a true statement."

Ask away Marie, I have personally heard both boys/alleged victims state such(minus the "great" part)adamantly so. Those boys did not "file the charges" and they certainly didn't "put themselves" through this.

Well it sounds to me like you

January 4, 2011 by Really... (not verified), 4 years 19 weeks ago
Comment: 240

Well it sounds to me like you have all the answers! Why don't you just go to the police and tell them it's not true? Oh right, because they actually have evidence to back up the victims and their stories. I don't doubt that the victims themselves did not file the charges- their parents did! Just as any decent parent would if they found out this had happened to their child! No teenage boy wants to be put in the public eye for this. I'm sure they are very humiliated by this (even though it was NOT their faults by any means!!). If these boys are innocent then they will be found so in a court of law, but I wouldn't be holding my breath if I were you!


January 6, 2011 by krischid (not verified), 4 years 19 weeks ago
Comment: 245

Really....maybe u should hold your breath and stop talking... cuz you have done nothing but hate without knowing all the facts, was it not enough that these boys' names have been dragged through the mud for incidents they were falsely accused of? No, obviously people like you have to take it to the next level cuz you're still not satisfied. I don't know what kind of issues u r dealing with in your life, but don't take your own pain out on innocent people, especially if u don't know all the facts to begin with.

Your apology isn't even worth it. Do the world a favor and just try to become a better person. How would u feel if everybody accused u of being a rapist when you did nothing-who r the victims here?

Failure to report the facts

December 28, 2010 by stove (not verified), 4 years 20 weeks ago
Comment: 229

It's very interesting that other, out of town news outlets are able to report the facts but the morning news located in Blackfoot, where the supposed incidents took place, fails to. Why is this information being overlooked by the media that should be reporting it the most.
It makes u question who is working for the morning news or worse, who are they working for. It smells like corruption to me.
Thank you Truthsayer and LilFav for posting the facts, it makes me feel better to know that there are still a few honest people out there.


December 27, 2010 by lilfav (not verified), 4 years 21 weeks ago
Comment: 228

Great article !! For all of you people who are pointing fingers, judging and hanging these kids by their neck PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE!!! Been watching the news? I'm sure you have since that's where everyone seems to get their information?? All of these allegations have been taken out of contexted!

Speaking to the mother of Blackfoot. I absoulutley would not want something like this to happen to my son. I would take measures into my own hands if that happened nor would I want my son to be condemned for something he did not do.

“Everybody needs to be aware that both the four defendants and two alleged victims are all friends and have been friends,” said Chidester’s defense attorney, Justin Oleson, KIFI-TV reported. “So far none of the attorneys have been provided evidence which would substantiate felony charges.”

Walker’s attorney, Stephen Blaser, said the charges are the result of an “overzealous” police investigation and prosecutors who are “overreaching.”
“My biggest concern is (it’s) a publicity stunt,” he said. “Those boys are not guilty of what they appeared for.”

Ok, so lets think about this I know you are all smart people?? Right?? They are friends and have been friends?? Well if these allegations are true I sure wouldn't be friends!! Would you??

Stephen Blaser said publicity stunt??? HMMMMMM!!! Wasn't the prosecution accused of doing this to Mikel McBride????

I just ask EVERYONE TO PLEASE take a step back and let this be left up to the judge. When everything comes out of what REALLY TOOK PLACE you guys will all feel like fools for rushing to conclusions and saying such cruel things.

The Argus News

December 26, 2010 by truthsayer (not verified), 4 years 21 weeks ago
Comment: 227

Yet another news outlet,(from heaven knows where)reporting more of the home-town facts than our own voice.


Is the Morning News reporting, or participating in a process? Perhaps they have more important things to report right now...?

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