Dog licensing and police discussed in Shelley

Licensing service dog was brought by Jacqueline Wittwer (on left) and Amiee Goc to council members at Shelley on Tuesday evening.
Staff Writer

The topics of licensing service animals and the need to have more opportunities for members of the Shelley police force were discussed Tuesday evening during the bi-monthly Shelley City Council meeting.
Shelley resident Jacqueline Wittwer brought up the topic of licensing service animals.
“My daughter has a service dog,” she said. “If there were an emergency, the dog would be my daughter’s voice.
Jacqueline Wittwer spoke passionately in support of the Shelley police.
Speaking to the council members, she said, “I really appreciate that you allow police officers to take their police cars to their homes. I know you have budget constraints but we need to offer incentives to encourage police officers to stay in Shelley.”
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