County's computers still down

Spencer Goodmansen from Computer Arts works on isolating the virus and rebuilding computers at the Bingham County Courthouse on Thursday.
Staff Writer

Thursday is day two for computers being down in the Bingham County Courthouse. Some of the phones in the county are also affected.
Tracy Reifschneider, Information Technology (IT) with the county, said, "The main number to the courthouse (208) 785-8040 is down. As the phone rings, when no one picks up, it goes to voice mail. Voice mail is connected to a computer. The person doesn't answer the phone because there is no ring tone on the county's phones."
IT consultant Spencer Goodmansen said, "An intense ransom ware virus attacked all the servers in the county, including computers that were on. The files on the computers was encrypted. With this type of virus, money is demanded to get the information back, unless the information is backed up.
"The county has a backup system," he said. "The computers need to be restored which is a slow process. The computers are being restored and coming up in stages. Dispatch and the sheriff's office will come up first."
"The files were not taken off site; they are encrypted," Goodmansen said. "The virus seeks access to the root of the drive and attacks servers. It changes over the information and locked it down."
He said, "There are different variations of this virus. It can affect home users as well as businesses."