County planning and zoning approves bunny bus

Jared Martin applied for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to allow livestock, particularly rabbits and poultry, in a Heavy Commercial Zone of .3 acres at 141 N. 740 W.
Martin explained his business of breeding rabbits and selling them to a company in California for slaughter.
Martin keeps roughly 1,500 rabbits on his property currently in a bus that he has pens stacked onto. Martin also has poultry that feed on the waste of the rabbits, thereby cutting down on the waste found on the site.
Martin's CUP was approved with conditions to the number of rabbits, no more than 1,500 save for the 24-hour monthly period he has for transferring the rabbits for shipping. Martin also has to keep the animals and poultry contained on his property. The CUP is approved for a two-year period.
Martin hopes to grow his bunny business enough to move the animals to more acreage during those two years.