City and local soccer leagues make amicable agreement

Blackfoot city leaders and soccer officials representing youth and adult leagues came to an amicable agreement on Tuesday regarding the use of the soccer complex on Mitchell Lane.
The last agreement regarding the issue between the city and the soccer leagues was in 2003 under the leadership of Blackfoot Mayor Scott Reese. The agreement covered priority use of the Blackfoot Soccer Complex, use of the soccer building, maintenance of the fields and marking of the fields.
Mayor Paul Loomis reviewed each area of concern asking for input from the soccer officials present at the meeting.
Marc Carroll, outgoing commissioner of Blackfoot's AYSO soccer leagues, expressed concern over litter found on and around the soccer fields, particularly after the adult soccer games.
"I have found cigarette butts, empty beer cans and occasionally a bottle, " he said, adding that the area is signed "no smoking." "Plastic, aluminum and glass can all cut a person when it gets chopped up by the lawn mower and a kid falls on it."
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