Boys district 6 2A tournament: Firth 73-34

Staff Writer


ST. ANTHONY - It isn't easy to play a team on a Friday night and then follow it up with a second meeting on Monday night. That is what Firth was asked to do as they began play in the District 6 2A tournament Monday, facing West Jefferson. Firth, finally back at close to full strength following a month of postponements and cancellations due to an illness that ravaged the ranks of the Firth Cougars. First, five of the players on the Varsity were struck down with the illness, ironically just a few days after handling the top ranked team in the state, Ririe on the Bulldog's home court.
Once most of those five came back to the team, two other members and a bunch of available substitutes from the junior varsity came down with the same illness. It is tough to keep a team together when you don't even have enough players available to practice. Then add in snow days and everything that goes on this time of year and you have a mess on your hands.
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