Bingham Crisis Center gets new look

BLACKFOOT – The beautification project at the Bingham Crisis Center was started on Saturday with the help of scout Brad Carter as he started the hands-on work of his Eagle Scout project Saturday.  
Carter designed his Eagle Scout project to help the Crisis Center “because I wanted to do good for the community.”
“There are really seven projects,” Carter said.
These projects include:
·         fixing the sidewalk,
·         removing the maple tree that caused the sidewalk to buckle,
·         preparing the flowers beds for new bushes and laying down river rock,
·         tearing out a tree’s root system
·         trimming trees
·         sanding down, repairing and painting benches and
·         preparing and painting the Bingham Crisis Center sign.  
The hands-on part of this project started Friday when Delbert Loosli and his assistants started uprooting and cutting down trees with a backhoe and other equipment. One tree on the west side of the building was uprooted. The maple tree on the north side of the building was cut down. The tree’s roots were lifting up the sidewalk, causing a safety hazard.
On Saturday afternoon, Carter and about 20 Blackfoot High School students picked up limbs from the downed trees, racked leaves, sanded the sign, benches and railing and painted them.
“It’s a huge project,” said Dixie Chapman, director of the Bingham Crisis Center. “Brad has recruited good people to be able to do this.”
One of the volunteers was Barbara who is a survivor of abuse.
“This is a way I can help,” she said. “I can give back for everything they [the Bingham Crisis Center] have given me.”
Five years ago, Barbara was brought to the Crisis Center because of a life-threatening situation.
“I was scared to death,” she said. “At the Crisis Center, I found shelter, counseling, food, clothing, safety.
“I’ve gained so many tools,” Barbara said. “I have learned that I can make my own decisions and they are good. I found such great support.”
 “She knows she can take care of herself,” Chapman said. “She’s in a strong relationship. She has a job and is now a home owner.
“She also recognizes when she needs to talk and then visits us, which we welcome,” she said.
“It’s important the Crisis Center has a homey, comfortable and safe atmosphere,” said Chapman. “That’s why this landscaping project is important.”
New bushes and new carpeting will be added to the front of the building as the landscaping project continues.
The Ifft Foundation Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation provided grant money for this project. Grants from this fund are used to help organizations and businesses beautify their site.