Arm wrestling champs crowned

BLACKFOOT — The 2013 State Arm Wrestling Championship took place on Saturday at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. The 21st annual championship drew 158 participants from Idaho, Utah, Montana and Nevada.

Local youth competitors from Bingham County who garnered Idaho State Titles included Jimmy Montgomery, Jestina Kirkpatrick and Troy Kirkpatrick, Dragen Robinson, Kylan Guerra and Hayden Sutton from Blackfoot and McKinnon Bradley and Rainee Blik from Aberdeen.
Age and weight divisions ranged from under 6 years old through the Masters (from ages 40-50).
In the money round, Shawn Kirkpatrick won the 143-165 (weight) championship round. Justin Green won the 165-198 weight championship. John Buxton won the 198+ division championship.
Arm Wrestling is a quick competition. It takes longer to set the competitors up than to complete the round. For youngsters, stair steps are provided so their elbows are at the needed height to the table.
The number one lesson is arm wrestling is, "always watch your hand," said Melissa Sutton. "That way you won't put yourself in a broken arm position."
"Arm wrestling is all about technique," she said.
Arm wrestling is also a family event. The Kirkpatrick family from Blackfoot had six family members competing in the championship this year. Shawn Kirkpatrick won the men's 0-165 (weight) right arm and left arm championships; as well as men's left arm 143-165; and the 143-165 money round.
Jestina Kirkpatrick won the 9-10 heavyweight division.
Troy Kirkpatrick won the 11-12 boys lightweight division and second in the 13-18 boys lightweight.
Tyson Kirkpatrick was second in the 11-12 boys heavyweight division.
"One of my favorite photos is my kids and grandkids lined up with all their trophies from the arm wrestling championship," said Trudy Kirkpatrick.
The results are:
6 & under lightweight:
Champion- Jimmy Montgomery 2nd- Kasyn Edwards, 3rd Preston Knight

6 & under heavyweight
Champion- Kahill Olsen, 2nd- Jazmine Scaffe, 3rd Damian Knight

7-8 lightweight
Champion- McKenna Smart, 2nd – Chassidy Michaelson, 3rd-Kale Bolander

7-8 heavyweight
Champion – Kylan Guerra, 2nd- Brodee Steggel, 3rd- Rial Ball

9-10 lightweight
Champion- Dragen Robinson, 2nd-Madson Walters, 3rd- Michael Edwards

9-10 heavyweight
Champion- Jestina Kirkpatrick, 2nd- Lauren Davenport, 3rd- Sonny Frederick

11-12 boys lightweight
Champion- Troy Kirkpatrick, 2nd – Brayden Maginnis, 3rd- Brennan Maginnis

11-12 boys heavyweight
Champion- Dragen Robinson, 2nd Tyson Kirkpatrick, 3rd- Jayden Yorgensen

11-12 girls lightweight
Champion- McKinnon Bradley, 2nd – Kaylee Coffin, 3rd- Jean Marie Scaffe

13-18 boys lightweight
Champion – Braxton Zigbee, 2nd Troy Kirkpatrick, 3rd- JD Seay

13-18 boys middleweight
Champion- Jake Ritchie, 2nd- Dustin Nelson, 3rd- Lane Hunt

13-18 boys heavyweight
Champion- Stetson Ritchie, 2nd- Ruben Pulido, 3rd- Jesus Villarreal

13-18 Girls Lightweight – Champion – Lana Hunt (uncontested)

13-18 Girls Middleweight
Champion- Rainee Blik, 2nd- Alexis Walters, 3rd- Lana Hunt

Men’s 0-143 lbs right arm
Champion – Casey Phillips, 2nd – Randy Phillips

Champion – Shawn Kirkpatrick, 2nd – Chris Phillips, 3rd- Denny Ployhar

Champion – Justin Green, 2nd- Keegan Hughes, 3rd- Dirk Repass

Champion – JD Howard, 2nd- Justin Green, 3rd- Dave Franklin

Champion – John Buxton, 2nd- Justin Green, 3rd- JD Howard

Novice- 0-154
Champion- Ryan Thatcher, 2nd- Casey Phillips, 3rd- Randy Phillips

Champion- William Forde, 2nd- Shawn Walters, 3rd- Nate Donivan

Champion – Travis Archer, 2nd- Angelo Lopez, 3rd- Lance Otterson

Champion- Hayden Sutton, 2nd- Shannon Bird, 3rd- Trevor Street

Ladies lightweight
Champion- Michelle Smart, 2nd- Angela Kirkpatrick

Ladies Middleweight
Champion- Samantha Richey, 2nd- Michelle Smart, 3rd- Rainee Blik

Ladies Open
Champion – April Olsen, 2nd- Rainee Blik, 3rd- Vi Tavo

Masters 0-198
Champion- Raul Tello, 2nd Kirt Genta, 3rd- Clayne Hansen

Masters 198+
Champion – Mitch Hughes, 2nd Shannon Bird

Men’s Left Arm 0-165
Champion- Shawn Kirkpatrick, 2nd Chris Phillips, 3rd – Keegan Hughes

Champion – Justin Green, 2nd- Troy Nelson, 3rd- Trevor Street

Champion- John Buxton, 2nd JD Howard, 3rd- Troy Nelson

Champion- John Buxton, 2nd- JD Howard, 3rd- John Ball

Money class 0-165
Champion- Shawn Kirkpatrick, 2nd- Chris Phillips, 3rd- Nate Donivan

Champion- Justin Green, 2nd- Shannon Bird, 3rd- Cameron Smittenar

Champion- John Buxton, 2nd- JD Howard, 3rd- Justin Green