Aberdeen man finishes mission in Laos

ABERDEEN — At the end of February, Leland Sorensen resumed a journey which had begun on a hilltop in Laos on March 17, 1969.
That's the day Sorensen, a U.S. Air Force pararescueman, tried to rescue F-105 pilot 1st Lt. David Dinan, who had bailed out of his aircraft after attacking an enemy position perhaps as little as 20 miles away.
Sorensen had found the pilot's body but was unable to bring it home.
Last year, after a search of records turned up his name as the one who had seen the pilot last, military officials invited Sorensen to aid in another search.
It didn't appear Sorensen would be successful until the last 30 minutes of the search. That's when the search team in Xieng Khouaang Province found the pilot's military identification card.
"Both of us agree it was a miracle," Sorensen's wife, Laura, said as she heard him tell the story again.
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