77 Fifth graders get new bikes

BLACKFOOT — 77 fifth graders from Blackfoot elementary schools, and one fifth grader from Fort Hall, were awarded a free bike from Phil Meador
Toyota, for succeeding in their Perfect Attendance Spells Success (PASS)
program.“It’s a great feeling to give a reward to kids with perfect attendance.We never thought this program would be as big as it is, but we sure are glad that it is,” said General Manager Jason Meador.The PASS program inquires kids to stay proactive and motivated in school by having perfect attendance for their entire fifth grade year.“It [PASS] is a positive incentive to make sure that the kids go to school and learn,” said Decca Leyba. The PASS program accentuates the importance
of attendance by emphasizing the fact that if the kids are taken out
of school for thirty minutes or longer, they are no longer qualified.
“We made absolutely sure that all of her appointments were after school, and we kept reminding her about it [PASS],” said Andrea Gardner. Phil Meador Toyota has been exceptionally active in the educational community, and is more than pleased with the success of their PASS program.“Each year the number of bikes that are given away has increased. The kids are aware of it, and even the fourth grade is preparing for it,” said Meador. Some of the kids were inspired by their older siblings to have a perfect attendance so that they,too, can be awarded a bike.“My sister had gotten a bike, so I wanted one too,”
said Morgan Gardner. Anissa Bowen said, “It feels awesome to earn a
bike, I haven’t missed a day of school since the third grade.” Phil Meador Toyota awarded 100 fifth graders from Blackfoot and American Falls elementary schools Thursday night, and will be awarding 300 more
fifth graders with bikes today. “It’s very exciting that there’s a program out there that gives the kids something to look forward to,”said Ashley Scott.