4-H offers art classes at extension office

Arizona Harrington has been working as the intern at the Bingham County 4-H Extension since May. She will graduate from the University of Idaho at the conclusion of her internship after the Bingham County 4-H County Fair. Sylvie Roth, 9, painted this hummingbird at the 4-H art class on Friday.
Staff Writer

Artists were sharpening their skills during the 4-H summer class entitled finger paint art.
Krista Cernyar was the art teacher. Some of the skills children learned were:
A broad brush makes a broad stroke and the difference between using acrylic and oil paint.
Acrylic paint dries faster and can be cleaned up with soap and water. Oil paint takes longer to dry and mineral oil is needed to clean brushes.
Arizona Harrington is working as a 4-H intern this summer.
She started in May and has worked with kids through summer classes and with kid working with animals for the 4-H fair.
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