White pleads guilty in murder of fiancée 

Staff Writer

An Idaho Falls man pleaded guilty Thursday to a charge of second-degree murder in the Nov. 8 murder of his fiancée.
Jeremy White, 40, changed his plea from not guilty to guilty during an early evening court hearing at the Bonneville County Courthouse.
Judge Bruce Pickett asked White why he was changing his plea.
”I had an argument with Christin Caldwell and I willfully strangled her knowing it would take her life from her,” White said.
The terms of the plea agreement are that White will serve 15 to 45 years in prison but he first must tell investigators what happened on Nov. 8.
Bonneville County Prosecutor Danny Clark said counsel worked through the day to come to a plea agreement. He said it would have been easier to wait until Friday, but Caldwell’s family wanted the hearing to be over. Her family was particularly concerned with learning what happened to their loved one.
“We never had his story,” Clark said. “They want to know the why and the what.”
White is charged with second-degree murder for a report he strangled Caldwell and buried her beneath their Bonneville County home. He is scheduled to be sentenced by Pickett at 10 a.m. Sept. 20.
The 48-year-old’s body was found with ligature marks on her neck after her body was exhumed Nov. 10, court records show.
White fled Idaho Falls on Nov. 9 in Caldwell’s Jeep with codefendant Deena Aday. White and Aday were arrested Nov. 25 in Pahrump, Nev., after they were seen leaving a residence owned by White’s father.
In an an audio recording of a probable cause statement given to obtain an arrest warrant for White, Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office deputy David Schwartz said he had reviewed numerous text messages between White, his supervisor at work and friends that indicated he had made plans to leave town with Aday before Caldwell was killed.
“He made plans at that point to leave the area with Miss Aday and start a new life with her,” Schwartz said in the recording.
White texted his supervisor Nov. 8 and told him he would not be at work because he was reportedly taking Caldwell to the hospital, Schwartz said.
Schwartz said White had used Caldwell’s cellphone Nov. 8 to contact her daughters and Caldwell’s mother, telling them that Caldwell was sick and that he had taken her to the hospital. White also is reported to have told Caldwell’s daughters that he was traveling with her to Pocatello to look at a fireplace.
Caldwell’s sister Nancy Waters told the Post Register in November that it was uncharacteristic for Caldwell not to regularly contact her family. She said her sister called their mom every day after work.
Caldwell’s daughters reported their mother missing Nov. 10 after they could not reach White or Caldwell.
Aday is facing one count of accessory to a felony by willfully withholding knowledge of a felony. A jury trial is scheduled for Sept. 25. She has a pretrial conference scheduled Sept. 12.
Accessory to a felony is punishable with up to five years in prison.